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for Windows Platforms. This List is in Alphabetical Order.




File Utilities

  • Attrib++ - Timestamp + Attribute of File/Folder Changer
  • CasHey - Filename (Lower or Upper Class) Changer
  • Fire File Copy - High-Speed Move, Copy and Sync. Compatible MD5 Hash
  • Flexible Renamer - High Usability, File and Folder Name Changer
  • Gokumado (www.vector.co.jp) - Simple Filer, File Extension Identifier.
    CAUTION! "JWord" (CnsMin.dll) and "Yahoo! Toolbar" and|or More Kind of Adwares are Included in One Archived File. I Strongly Recommend Delete'em First.
  • TSCHG95 - Timestamp Changer

Game Client

Hardware Monitors

Image Utilities

  • EDGE - Pixel Editor by TAKABO SOFT
  • FRAPS - Show FPS, Video/Screen Capture for DirectX & OpenGL
  • Linar - Direct Picture Viewer/Filer
  • Linar - Direct Picture Viewer/Filer. Susie 32 Plugins Compatible
  • SimiPix (www.vector.co.jp) - Image File Comparer
  • Tinuous - Image File Converter
  • Winshot - Screen Capture




Network Security

Optical Disc Utilities

Script Engines

Sound Utilities

System Utilities

Video Utilities

  • Avidemux - Free Video Editor Designed for Simple Cutting, Filtering and Encoding Tasks
  • HandBrake - the Open Source Video Transcoder
  • VirtualDub - Video Capture/Processing Utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Wiindows Platforms